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Mar 24, 2010

How to get a Free Domain Name & Free Web Hosting

Get a Free Domain Name
  • Step 1: To register a free domain, please go to CO.CC website by clicking on the link http://www.co.cc/.
  • Step 2: Now when you are on http://www.co.cc/, find the domain name that you prefer. (In this case I use example.co.cc)
  • Step 3: If your preferred domain name is available, then proceed to the next page by clicking on the "Continue to registration" button.
  • Step 4: Now you are in the registration page. Since you are the new user, please click on the "Create new user" button, then feel in your details.
  • Step 5: Submit the registration form, and now your domain name are registered. To manage your domain name, just login to http://www.co.cc/. I will show how to manage the domain name later.
Get a Free Web & Email Hosting
  • Step 6: To get a free web hosting, please go to 000Webhost by clicking the link http://www.000webhost.com/.
  • Step 7: Now you are in 000Webhost package selection site. There are 2 option for you to choose; 1. Free Hosting 2. Paid Hosting. Just click the "Order" Button on the Free Hosting package to proceed to the ordering page.
  • Step 8: In the ordering page, the is a field that have a default value of "yourdomain.com". Change it to the domain name you just registered at CO.CC. In my case, I will replace it with example.co.cc as domain name.
  • Step 9: Completed the ordering form by feeling your details. Then submit the order. Please give the administrator 24 hours to consider and configure your web hosting.
After 24 Hours
  • Step 10: Within 24 hours, an e-mail will be send to you to confirm your ordering. Now your web hosting is ready but your domain name is not yet set to be pointing to your web hosting.
Manage the Domain Name
  • Step 11: First login to 000Webhost to get 2 set of DNS  provided by 000Webhost. After login, you will see an alert message, and now copy down the 2 DNS sets (ns1.000webhost.com, ns2.ooowebhost.com).
  • Step 12: Go to CO.CC and login in into the domain management site. Now select on Manage Domain option.
  • Step 13: When you are in the Manage Domain area, choose to set the Name Server for your domain.
  • Step 14: Now feel in your Name Server with the 2 DNS sets, you just copied from step 11. Click on setup and all is done.
  • Step 15: Now you upload Worpress for blogging or HTML files for Website/Personal Profile.

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