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Feb 26, 2013

[RM98] Web Hosting Promotion

Fund Raising Promotion for Ubuntu Release Party 2013


This is a fund raising sales for our local open source community call "Tux De Perlis". 10% of the price will be put into "Tux De Perlis" fund, for the use of organizing local open source event.

Hosting Spec
  • 5GB Disk Space
  • 10GB Data Transfer/month
  • CPanel as Control Panel
  • 5 units of Addon Domains
  • 5 units of Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • 10 units of Email Accounts

Original Price: RM138/year
Product Price: RM98.00/year

Web Hosting Account Creation Start at 2013-03-16

Pendaftaran Domain
1. Untuk pendaftaran nama domain percuma, anda boleh daftar dari laman http://uni.me
2. Untuk pendaftaran domain .com/.net/.biz dan lain2, anda boleh mendaftarnya di http://godaddy.com

Payment Method
Bank Transfer
Bank Name: Public Bank Berhad
Account No.: 4-8399664-34

Paypal Account: jinkang.cheng@gmail.com

Bayar kepada Kaiser Farrell di Lab UniMAP Linux @ Kampung Wai.

Term and Condition
Min. Order: 25 Subscription
Max. Order: 100 Subscription
Current Oder Count: 3 Subscription (update daily)

How to Order?
Please submit bellow information to jinkang.cheng@gmail.com
- Name:
- Address:
- Phone Number:
- Registered Domain:
- Bank Transfer No.: (if payment using bank transfer)

For more information please me through above email as well.

Mar 22, 2012

[RM30] Trek 8GB Micro USB Drive

sales start

This is a fund raising sales for our local open source community call "Tux De Perlis". 10% of the price will be put into "Tux De Perlis" fund, for the use of organizing local open source event.


  • 8GB memory space
  • 5 years warranty
  • Compatible with USB port 2.0
  • Plug in and play
  • Super slim body, handy and portable
  • Free Peninsular Malaysia Delivery for 5 units and above purchased

Product Price: RM30

Shipment Fee: RM10
Shipment Method: Peninsular (Skynet), Sabah/Sarawak (POS LAJU)

Payment Method: Bank Transfer / Bank-In

Stock: Per-Order
Lead Time: 1 month from my order date which is on 29th March 2012
Note: All order and payment by customer should be done before 27th March 2012

Order Now

Aug 8, 2011

Watch PPStream on Ubuntu with "totem-pps"

This project provides a set of plugins for gstreamer and totem (gst-plugins-pps and totem-pps) for linux users. The gst-plugins-pps enables gstreamer powered media player to play ppstream streamings such as the url which has a prefix "tvod://" or "pps://" . And totem-pps adds a kan.pps.tv play list to totem. With both plugins installed, you can browser and play videos from kan.pps.tv with totem.

Add the Totem-PPS PPA in your Ubuntu source list using:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:portis25/cnav

Update Ubuntu source list using:
sudo apt-get update

Install Totem-PPS using:
sudo apt-get install totem-pps

Further information about Totem-PPS: http://code.google.com/p/totem-pps/

Aug 7, 2011

Finding A New Business Idea

By: Brian Tracy

Look for Opportunities

How do you find a new product or service, recognizing that 80 percent or more will be new in five years? Here's a series of ideas. Number one, begin with yourself. Begin with your own talents, your abilities, your experience, knowledge, interest, background, education, and so on. Look carefully at your current work, your current business, your current position, or your current product or service. Seek for what is called your own acres of diamonds. Look under your own feet.

Look Into Yourself

Here's a question. What qualities account for your greatest successes in life so far? What personal qualities and abilities have gotten you to where you are? And how could you apply those qualities and abilities to starting and building a new business?

If you already have a company, ask what are your companies' talents, abilities, experience, knowledge, interest, background, and so on. What qualities and talents and abilities have enabled your company to succeed up to now? Where can you specialize? Where can you make a difference?

Identify What You Really Enjoy

Number two is look for a product or service about which you can really become enthusiastic. Sometimes people become wealthy by translating or transforming their hobbies into a business. You will be most successful doing something or marketing something that you really love.

Every product must have a champion. Every product or service must have someone in the business who really, really loves the product or service and is eager to get out and tell other people about it.

Improve On Something Else

Number three, look for something that is an improvement on an existing product or service, not something brand new. Look for something that's cheaper or better quality. Or that has additional features or functions. Look for something that's an improvement.

Remember improving an existing successful product or service is the fastest and surest way to build a successful business. An idea only needs to be ten percent new and better to capture substantial market share. Brand new products or services are very risky.

Be Willing to Work Hard

The fourth key to finding a new product or service is this. Don't look for easy money. Don't look for gimmicks or useless knickknacks. Don't look for get-rich-quick schemes or rewards without working, because they're aren't any.

More people have wasted more time and more life and more money trying to find quick ways to make easy money than you can possibly imagine. So be willing to put in a lot of hard work before you start making real money in a business.

Success Takes Time

It takes two years to break even in the average business. It takes four years to show a profit. It takes maybe eight to ten years before it starts to generate real cash flow. So you have to be patient. If you're impatient, what will happen is you'll end up setting yourself further back than you can imagine.