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Mar 27, 2010

GoDaddy stopping registering domains in China

Godaddy – one company is ready to follow Google’s stance on doing business in China.

During a congressional hearing later today to discuss Internet freedom and China, GoDaddy managerial plan to announce that they will stop registering domain names in China in response to a new government policy that requires extensive information about registrants. Starting last December, individuals and businesses that wished to register a .cn domain name were being asked to submit a photograph of themselves as well as a serial number identifying their business license in China .go

Google’s Alan Davidson, director of public policy, also plans to speak before the hearing, coming two days after Google announced its decision to move its Chinese-language search engine from mainland China to Hong Kong in order to bypass government laws on Internet censorship.

For the majority part, U.S. companies have repeated plans to stay in China and stick on to their laws following Google’s initial announcement in January and ensuing moves this week.

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