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Feb 23, 2010

DiosCom System is lunching new Application Service Prodiving package

Thanks for all the response we get from the previous posting on facebook. As a response to those comments. We (DiosCom System) feel is better to share the idea directly to you here.

As one branch of our business model, the Application Service Provider (ASP). We are providing a E-Commerce Hosted Platform to businesses which is willing to move in E-Commerce Edge. And the E-Commerce Software we used here is call Magento, the fastest growth open source software in the market of e-commerce.

We are charging RM2K per year to customers who subscribe to the service. What is the RM2K charged for since the software is open source.
1) Fees for Hosting expenses (at the moment we provide up to 10GB Web Storage)
2) Fees for Web Templates and Software Extensions3) Fees for Support & Consultancy:
    - Website Crawl and Indexing with Google Webmaster
    - Website Analysis with Google Analytic
    - Magento Setup and System Update
4) Expenses for our developers to improve the system and contribute back to magento.

As a pro-active actions, we are outsourcing the sales to anyone who are interested, either to do it seriously or just to get some extra income. We are paying 20% to sales person for each sales made (only successful count). Which mean 20% of RM2K, which is RM400. And for every renewal on the next continuous yearly, sales person also will be paid on the same amount as before.

For more, contact us at:
  • E-mail: dioscom.system@gmail.com
  • MSN: jk.cheng@live.com
  • GTalk: jinkang.cheng@gmail.com
  • Skype: jinkang.cheng

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